onsdag 2 december 2009

It's that time again!

It is, really!
As I've yelled about before, I like the idea of starting Christmas in full swing on December 1st. This year, I started two days early, but it's totally cool. In Sweden we absolutely give a shit about the first day of Advent, the fourth Sunday before Christmas (see how that makes perfect sense?) and this year me and Melody decided to go all-out with Christmas decorating and cookie-baking in one sweaty, festive day. I also bought a couch.

Yes, a couch. I've been wanting to replace my old one, which had many shortcomings and few uses beyond turning it into a guest bed. As if I take in guests! Bah, humbug.
In it's stead, I have a monstrous, black mountain of cozyness and comfort. It also includes a chaise longue (which I'm quite certain has a different name in common English.)

Thus, The Holiday Season begins. Onwards, to gifts, snow and an obscene amount of chocolate!

2 kommentarer:

Phil sa...

dude, where am i gonna sleep when i'll visit you?

and is the couch from ikea?....it is right? it has to be! I mean, anything else would have somehow created a parallel anti-swedish-furniture-universe... a colliding one of course.


Martin sa...

You'll sleep in my salt-filled bathtub like the other prisoners… er, I mean… on a nice, soft matress.

It is from Ikea (of course), although I toyed with the idea of disrupting and possibly destroying the space time continuum by going somewhere else.
I've seen people do that. They're never the same.