måndag 10 november 2008

It's Christmas!

And it has been for about two or three weeks already.
I get the impression that it starts earlier every year, and in 2025 Christmas will be an all-year event, after which it will implode on itself and seize to exist.

For me, Christmas starts on december 1st. It's like a lightswitch. November 30th, no Christmas. Nothing, no snow, no gingerbread, no decorations, no Santa, no buying presents.
Next day, instant Christmas. Festivity hits me like a sugary injection and for precisely 26 days, all is red and green. And brown, and white I guess. And silver. Okay, the colour scheme isn't so important.
Anyway, the point is that before december 1st, any and every attempt to start Christmas early pisses me off. Especially when department stores in Stockholm dedicate whole floors to Christmas decorations when some people are just getting ready for Halloween.
Obviously it's perfectly fine to ignore all holidays and celebrations and save your money for something of actual value.
But shoving jingle bells down my throat in October is not cool.

Also, I can not believe some of the shitty holiday movies that get made every year. And this is just the beginning. God help us all.

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