söndag 16 november 2008

Ain't no nothing happening.

We all have days when we sleep half the day and watch reruns of Scrubs the other half while consuming just enough nourishment to stay alive for said activities. This generally constitutes "nothing" in my book. The kind of nothing that Peter Gibbons dreams about in Office Space, the kind of nothing that occurs at least twice a month for most people, and five times a week for some.
Anyway, I've been doing "nothing" quite alot over the past couple of weeks. 
If I were to list the entries in my calendar and add up the number of hours slept I might seem like a busy sumbitch, but if anyone asks, I've done: nothing.

Grammatically, factually, nothing is a concept that describes the absence of anything at all. And technically, one could argue that it is impossible for a human being to abstain from doing anything at all. We breathe, think, move and rest outside of our own concious activities. 
So the type of nothing I'm talking about is, in fact, something.

Obviously, the subjective concept of nothing depends on one's idea of something. Anything that isn't something, according to someone, is nothing. 

Having established that, I aim to lower my standards and glorify menial things like watching a whole season of 24 in two days, or taking a really long walk, or flipping through old issues of Empire just to look at the pictures.
Basically, I think alot of somethings are undeservedly thrown on the nothing-pile. Fuck that. If I remember it a week later, it's something.

So. Today I'm going to see a serious movie, pay my bills, eat pizza, play music and most likely talk to people. It's a full, big day for me.

måndag 10 november 2008

It's Christmas!

And it has been for about two or three weeks already.
I get the impression that it starts earlier every year, and in 2025 Christmas will be an all-year event, after which it will implode on itself and seize to exist.

For me, Christmas starts on december 1st. It's like a lightswitch. November 30th, no Christmas. Nothing, no snow, no gingerbread, no decorations, no Santa, no buying presents.
Next day, instant Christmas. Festivity hits me like a sugary injection and for precisely 26 days, all is red and green. And brown, and white I guess. And silver. Okay, the colour scheme isn't so important.
Anyway, the point is that before december 1st, any and every attempt to start Christmas early pisses me off. Especially when department stores in Stockholm dedicate whole floors to Christmas decorations when some people are just getting ready for Halloween.
Obviously it's perfectly fine to ignore all holidays and celebrations and save your money for something of actual value.
But shoving jingle bells down my throat in October is not cool.

Also, I can not believe some of the shitty holiday movies that get made every year. And this is just the beginning. God help us all.

onsdag 5 november 2008

The good guys won. No, really.

He sure knows how to speak, but did they have to end with "May God bless America"? (Yes, of course they did. I'm just saying.) And the hero music? I'd like to know who wrote that and tell him to fuck off.

Anyway, woo hoo!

söndag 2 november 2008

Trying to say something.

So I done gone and erected another blog. I hope to actually write something this time. In English, no less! We'll see how it goes. 

Today I visited my parents. They're going to Thailand for two weeks to eat fruit and talk to other Swedes. 
Their apartment is bigger, smarter, faster, meaner, better, cooler, greener, rounder than mine. Like this. Good tagline, that. I want it on my business card.
Anyway, this week I've surrendered my own home to my cousin who's studying in Stockholm, so I've moved out for now. It's only for a week. 

I'm also enjoying unemployment a little too much. Will try to work on that.